Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Exhibition: Various - The Great British Public

White Cloth Gallery, Leeds, 28/08/12

This was a great exhibition, showcasing the work of several photographers, previously shown at the London Festival of Photography.

I was particularly inspired by Zed Nelson's 'Hackney: A Tale of Two Cities', a fantastic collection of images demonstrating the disconnect between old and new Hackney. It really inspired me to start seeing my photos as more than single images and to try and create coherent bodies of work. Also the fact that Nelson had lived in Hackney all his life demonstrated that one doesn't always have to look very far for inspiring subjects.

While I was at the gallery I got talking to the attendant who turned out to also be doing a photography degree. She told me about lots of interesting events planned, including an open crit session run by one of the tutors from her course. I'm looking forward to getting involved in as much of what they have to offer as possible!

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