Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Assignment 1: Tutor feedback and reflection

Tutor feedback:

Overall, the feedback I received from my tutor for my first assignment was encouraging.
It began with praise for its presentation, which I am pleased with as I put a lot of thought into how best to display my work.  

My tutor also commented on my "variety of vision" in recognising photographic potential in a wide range of subject matter, and employing varied viewpoints, focal lengths and apertures. 

The technical quality of the images was thought to be good, with only my Liquid shot suffering from underexposure. I'm annoyed with myself about this, as although my tutor suggested it may have been caused by the camera struggling with the white water, in actual fact the original image is fine, it was a case of post-processing too late at night. For future assignments I will be more diligent in checking my work before submitting it.

Some of the images used directional light well, particularly Curved and Rounded. My tutor suggested that more consistent use of the shaping qualities of light would elevate my photography.

The less positive (and therefore more useful!) comments involved a lack of consistency throughout the assignment, with weaker images being included in a misguided attempt to demonstrate narrative, or consistency of subject matter, with Opaque and Many being used as examples of images not of the same quality as their counterparts. For the next assignment I will try and focus on the skills that are relevant to that particular part of the course.

My tutor felt some of the subject choices, particularly Liquid, Narrow and Solid were less adventurous than the more successful images.  

In my tutors opinion, my Wide photo was the strongest image, demonstrating a "maturity of vision that recognises the mundane as potential imagery". The composition, use of converging lines and colour palette were factors identified as making the image work.  

I was reminded to regularly update my blog with activities, thoughts, plans and research.

David Präkel's Basics Photography: Lighting was recommended. Having bought and read it, I don't think it's earnt a spot on my bookshelf. It's well written, but doesn't really contain any concepts I'm not already familiar with. I appreciate the difficulty tutors have in gauging the knowledge of their students, particularly early on, and realise that I should be demonstrating my understanding of light more consistently.

In my tutors conclusion, he thought I was "off to a good start",  with "framing and compositional skills ahead of what would be expected at this stage"and my "sense of balance and line" should stand me in good stead for the next assignment.

My suggested targets for the next assignment are to improve consistency of vision, creativity and use of light.


After completing my first assignment I am pleased with the feedback from my tutor, but concerned about my time management skills. I had to request an extension to my original deadline, and even then I felt like I rushed elements of it. I also didn't manage to complete any of the exercises prior to the assignment. When I received my course materials I skipped through to the first assignment as I was traveling with work at the time and wanted to get started while I had the opportunity to photograph places outside Leeds. I planned to go back and complete the exercises but didn't find the time. I think this will be the most challenging aspect of the course and it's certainly something I need to work on.