Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Exercise: Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Horizontal Lines:

L-R: Looking down on these leaf-strewn steps, I chose to compose the picture so that the lines ran horizontally across the frame.
The lines of the brickwork, the kerb and the road markings reinforce each other.
I spotted this shadow at the point it was exactly in line with the base of the building.
I think the tautness of these fence wires is conveyed well in this image.

Vertical Lines:

L-R: I think despite the conflicting horizontal and diagonal lines, the vertical drainpipes are the strongest element in this shot.
I liked the simplicity of this cornflower.
These worklights make for a striking image when underexposed to remove everything else in the frame from view.
The strong vertical line of this vehicle door balances well with the other elements.

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