Friday, 21 December 2012

Exercise: Colour relationships

The first part of this exercise demonstrates J.W. Von Goethe's theory of harmonious colour ratios, based on the perceived brightness of each pair of complementary colours.

Red:Green 1:1

Canon 5Dii 28mm MF f.2.8 1/200 iso100

Orange:Blue 1:2

Canon 5Dii 28mm MF f.2.8 1/100 iso500

Yellow:Violet 1:3

Fujifilm X100 35mm f.4 1/8 iso200

The second part of this exercise asks for images which feature appealing colour combinations.

Fujifilm X100 35mm f.4 0.1 iso400

Fujifilm X100 35mm f.2.8 1/220 iso200

Canon 5Dii 50mm f.2 1/400 iso800

Canon 5Dii 50mm f.2 1/160 iso500

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