Monday, 23 July 2012

Assignment 1: Contrasts

Rounded / Diagonal


FujiFilm x100 35mm f.2 1/90 iso200

I stumbled upon these technical drawings piled haphazardly at work, and loved the way the window light was falling across them.

I am pleased that it is both easily identifiable and also works well on a graphic, almost abstract level.

I considered framing differently to remove the crumpled plan not in a tube but decided I liked the way it broke the rhythm of the circles.

I decided to convert this pair of contrasts to monochrome to accentuate the graphic nature of the subjects. I also increased the contrast with an S curve.


FujiFilm x100 35mm f.2 1/15 iso1000

I sought out an image that would complement the previous shots graphic nature and quickly found this sheet of rusty metal cut diagonally. I think the striped scaffolding behind adds depth and interest to the photo.

I didn't have a tripod, and although I made a decision that the noise caused by the high iso would not detract from the image, I wish I had improvised a solid support for the camera as 1/15 proved a little too slow for me to get the sharpness I wanted for this image.  I applied much more sharpening in post than I would normally use, and although it may not be to everyones taste I think for this image it isn't too distracting.



FujiFilm x100 35mm f.2 1/80 iso320

This tank of goldfish at the local garden centre/pet shop struck me as being a great place to get a shot for 'Many'. Due to the shutter lag on the camera and the fast moving subjects I realised the best technique for the situation was to take multiple images with the intention of selecting the best during the editing process.


FujiFilm x100 35mm f.2 1/340 iso500

I then explained to a rather bemused shop assistant that although I had no intention of purchasing any fish, I wanted her to pop three in a bag for me to photograph. Thankfully she went along with it! I did feel pressured into rushing the photograph, had I had a little more time I think I would have framed it differently, removing the slightly distracting elements to the left, and possibly including some or all of the hand holding the bag.



5Dmkii 24-70@57mm f.2.8 1/2000 iso400

I took this on a train journey between church and reception while shooting a wedding, I saw the baby looking out of the window, took a few shots from inside the carriage and realised the better shot would be through the window. I waited for the train to stop at a crossing, jumped off and took a couple of shots. A friend of her mother then drew the heart in the condensation (unprompted by me) and I was able to get this. I'm pleased with my decision to focus on the glass rather than her face, I think that's what makes it work. I applied a split tone effect in post.


5Dmkii 24-70@27mm f.2.8 1/400 iso100

I thought I'd continue the baby theme and somehow persuaded my daughter to hold this chopping board (very) briefly! In retrospect I wish I'd removed the white bag from the right of the scene, but there was little chance of recreating the shot without it.



FujiFilm x100 35mm f.2 1/1000 iso200

I liked this simplicity of this shot, and again felt it would work better monochrome.


FujiFilm x100 35mm f.4 1/680 iso200

I felt the strong, repetitive straight lines of this car park would be a good match for the previous photo.
I was unable to shoot straight at the building, so I took this from the street and corrected the converging vertical lines in post.



FujiFilm x100 35mm f.2 1/210 iso200

The narrow gap between this corrugated container and brick wall caught my eye because of the strong vertical lines of one, and the converging horizontal lines of the other. I think the steel frame poking into the gap is important as it gives the viewers eye a place to rest.


FujiFilm x100 35mm f.2 1/1000 iso800
I decided to frame this shot symmetrically to increase the sense of the width of the trailer.



FujiFilm x100 35mm f.2 1/120 iso200

I recruited a dancer friend for this pair, I directed her to follow the lines of the air-con system.


FujiFilm x100 35mm f.2 1/400 iso200

After some experimenting I decided on this blunt, solid, sculptural shape.



Canon 5Dmkii 50mm f.9 1/25 iso100

The wheel of a plane just after landing. I like the combination of lateral and radial motion blur.


Canon 5Dmkii 24-70mm@70mm f.4.5 1/4000 iso800

This guy didn't move a muscle the whole time I was on the beach.



FujiFilm x100 35mm f.2 1/1000 iso200

I cloned out a small distracting element in the background of this shot.


FujiFilm x100 35mm f.2 1/1000 iso200

I liked the combination of literally solid trailers, solid shapes and even solid blocks of colour in this image.


FujiFilm x100 35mm f.2 1/220 iso200

The sunlight spilling into this dark church contrasted beautifully.


  1. Some really expressive images here Tim. The one of the baby is very captivating.

  2. Tim, think some of your shots are strong—have read and agree with some of the comments made by Duncan on the OCA student site. I'm not going to comment on them because I am still on TAOP myself and finding my feet.

    The only other comments—not photo related—that I will make is the sort of thing that was said to me when I started and submitted my first assignment. It was suggested, "…An integral component of the learning log is additional research material. The study visit at the … that you attended is an example of research and learning materials that you need to include in your learning log. Whether you scan items such as exhibition brochures, and magazine articles and include them in your [log], or keep a separate, physical folder with all that information, is up to you. But the assessors will want to see evidence of your researching into and around the wider world of photography. They will want to see evidence of your having gone beyond the confines of the module materials…" This comment was not from my allocated tutor; but another with whom I had discussed the fort of my log; but my tutor has pointed out the same to me—that they need to see evidence of research into other photographers.

    Hope you find that useful; and good luck!

  3. Thanks for looking Vickim, and thanks for the advice!